8 New Marijuana Strains You Should Know for 2020

New 8 Strains for the 2020 that you should know about

2020 hasn’t been great. While we took two giant steps back for humanity, cannabis strains are one step ahead.

There is an excessive number of new cannabis strains. Most likely due to breeders newly free from prohibition and allowed to experiment. The fact is, everyone has different tastes. Look at how many types of ice cream flavors there are. Breeders in 2020 have been pumping out a considerable amount of great cannabis strains.

We know, we know, some of you won’t agree. But hey, we can’t please everyone.

Strawberry Cane

Created by Holy Smoke Seeds, Strawberry Cane is a mostly Indica hybrid cross of Holy Smoke’s Strawberry Stardawg and Slurricane. Strawberry Cane’s flowering time is 63 days, and its high resin content makes it one of the best strains for making extracts. Strawberry Cane’s over 20% THC content with boasts a fast high, sweet taste, and a high that’s rumored to boost creativity

Tropicanna Banana

Tropicanna Banana is the latest cannabis strain by Barney’s Farm Seeds. This Sativa-dominant hybrid has a high 22–25% THC content. It’s bread from Tropicanna and Banana Kush genetics and leaves users with an uplifting effect. Its flowering time is 65–70 days, and when grown outdoors, it can produce a whopping 70 ounces per plant.

Black Cherry Punch

This tasty new high-THC Indica strain is brought to you by Pyramid Seeds. Blackberry Kush and Cherry Pie genetics combine to create this 90% Indica strain. These big plants contain 25% THC and are suitable for indoor and outdoor growth.

Wedding Flowers

You may recognize the name Dr. Krippling. They’re one of the UK’s most sought-after seed suppliers, and they decided to treat us with a new strain in 2020. Wedding Flowers is a reworking of Dr. Krippling’s fan favorite, Wedding Cake. This indica/sativa hybrid is richly flavored and packs on the pounds for harvest. When grown indoors, the plants typically grow to be around 3–6 ft. tall, but outdoors Wedding Flower plants bloom to a whopping 10+ ft. With 20% THC, these buds pack a punch.

Mamacita’s Cookies

We got the latest hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies this year. Mamacita’s Cookies is a potent 65% indica hybrid curated from Nicole (a US strain) and the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies. With a high 25% THC count, these buds are known for their complex scent and therapeutic properties. The earthy-scented plants grow well indoors and outdoors and give us small hints of sandalwood, fruit, and forest undergrowth.

Terra Italia CBD

If THC isn’t your thing, Terra Italia CBD is a new high CBD strain release by Female Seeds you’ll want to check out. Terra Italia CBD is bred by crossing the high-CBD strain, Compolti with Lemon Kush, which gives it the hints of musk, lavender, and citrus fans are loving. Terra Italia CBD is no small plant – it’s recommended to grow outside because of it’s massive size. The CBD:THC ratio of this strain is around 40:1, meaning this plant yields a very low 0.3% THC.

New Order

If indica is your preference, New Order will be right up your alley. This new marijuana seed strain released by Mosca Seeds is an 85% indica strain. This strain is said to be ideal for growers who want the best of both worlds. It grows easily indoors, and the incredible Mosca Seeds have germinated this phenomenal cultivar. The folks at Mosca have successfully combined special genetics of the mother Triangle Kush/Wookies #15 to create New Order.

Nerds OG

Nerds OG is a regular seed strain that’s candy flavored. The experts at Badger’s Dank bred Nerds OG from OG and Goji OG. This 50/50 indica-sativa plant boasts dense buds with a sweet, pungent aroma resembling Nerds Candy and Cherry Pie

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