Marjuana for depression

Depression is a kind of mental disorder that influences a significant population and can be life-threatening if not dealt with timely. The number of people suffering from this disorder is increasing. Patients of different diseases like cancer commonly get depression as well that can harm their treatment and life quality. Medicines can help only to some extent that may have some side effects. However, now we have several best cannabis strains for depression that can be a better approach to treating several diseases, including depression. The plant helps better the emotional state of a person in depression through natural and healthy compounds.

This is why the cannabis market is growing so widely and expanding through several countries and states. While it may be readily available in different products and by-products such as pills and patches, but the best strains in the raw form can only provide the best effects. Here are some of the best strains of cannabis that can help with depression. However, make sure to know your needs prior to trying any of these best cannabis strains for depression, as some may not work to the best of your needs or may exceed them. Let’s get started:


Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express has been named after a comedy movie proving to be a happy strain perfect for depression. That’s not the only reason for this strain to be right for chronic depression; it has citrusy flavors and a fruity aroma that helps ease down the built-up tension. The pineapple express is known to be a mood changer and an uplifting strain that is high in limonene content and it’s one of our top selling seeds. This makes it easy to treat mood disorders and makes a person feel happy and uplifted through ingestion.

Marijuana Strain to Cure Depression


CBD is a non-psychoactive part of cannabis that provides health benefits and depression relief without dazing the brain. And Harlequin is a strain that has more CBD than THC, the component that is responsible for creating euphoria. So this means you don’t have to end up in an altered state of mind or feel unable to focus with taking the best cannabis strains for depression. You can take a bite or sip of Harlequin and feel energized through your work without feeling depressed or dejected at any point.

Northern Lights

Northern lights is a strain great for relaxing and sound sleep. This strain of cannabis is made with Indica, which means that it provides a high level of relaxation and relief from tension and any kind of perilous thoughts. If your depression keeps you up at night like most people, you can use Norther Lights to your advantage and conquer your night time with sound sleep and wake up energized in the morning.

By taking some of this strain, you can feel comfortable to a high state, and while your muscles get relaxed, and help reduce the stress in your mind and other parts of the body to have a good quality sleep without interruption.


Sour Kush

While northern lights is a great strain to provide you that numbing push to calm down your brains, a little more power can never be bad for worse days. Sour Kush is one of the most potent strains that is made with a combination of two powerfully euphoric strains, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. It’s one of the best cannabis strains for depression because it will help you get instant relief from all your depressing thoughts and recover your mood. With the tantalizing psychoactive side of the Sour Kush, you can easily have a good time and get relief from depression and stress quickly.


Jack Herer

Negative thoughts and low energy can be a destructive mixture for a morning that causes depression for the entire day. So that you have a good start in the morning and an assertive day ahead, Jack Herer can be an excellent choice for best cannabis strains for depression. This strain is exceedingly powerful, with a sweet aftertaste of grapefruit that makes it one of the best options. Jack Herer is more inclined towards the CBD benefits and provides a fair amount of Limonene as well, which is great for developing mood and boosting energy. It is one of the best strains that help all kinds of depression patients and make them feel better, and make enhanced life choices.


Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is named so as its leaves have a delightful purple color on them that contrasts with the greens beautifully; just looking at it can make you feel good. Use Granddaddy at night time or on an off day to rejuvenate and feel relaxed. The strain will help relax your mind and undermine negative considerations. It can also help you have a clearer mind when you need to plan or sort your perspective on different things in life. Granddaddy Purple can help provoke a sound sleep with a clear head.