What are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular Cannabis Seeds are Non Feminised seeds with no pre-determined sex.

Every seed could contain a male or female genotype.

These are the type of seeds conventionally used for breeding as they allow you to use the pollen from a male and cross is with a female of a different strain.

Also regular seeds allow you to Phenohunt for specific traits as regular marijuana seeds express widely different characteristics in their genetic spectrum as opposed to feminised seeds which tend to be more consistent.

We provide a wide variety enabling budding enthusiasts to crop the hassle out of genetic selection.

We know what its like to shop online for Regular seeds and have
Grown our business to ensure we provide the customer experience we so frequently missed. We make sure we provide top tier customer service by cropping out the hassle when searching for Regular Cannabis Strains.

We Carry Regular Cannabis Seeds from UK Breeders as well as many from top European, American and Canadian Suppliers and seed stores.

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